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Also all surrounding building works involved.


Each stove installation is individual as to what the customer requires/wants. But below I have tried to give fairly accurate prices and a description for each step.


Basic opening up of the original opening at the bottom of the chimney. - £150 - £200

Boarding out of the opening using  fire board boards   - £150  (includes all materials)
Cleaning / repairs / repointing of brick work if possible - £120

Supply and fitting of a natural stone hearth  - £160 (2 x 1meter x 600mm flags included)

Constructional hearth construction                 - £150
(needed if no existing hearth there and just onto bouncy floor boards)

Stove installation, all necessary checks done, sign off and commissioning (HETAS)  - £275

Parts - every stove will require a length of stove pipe, a connector to connect into the new liner or the closure board above, this differs to every size and shape of opening but roughly between £60 - £100 depending.

All repair around plaster works etc could also need repairing depending on what we find etc.


An average 3 bed semi will require approximately 7- 9 meters of liner. Fitted from £500 - £700 depending on access, difficulty, size and quality of liner required. 2 grades 316 liner cheaper 10 years life expectancy, 904 grade 20 years life expectancy.


The basic cost for a nice opening made with a stone hearth, a new chimney liner supplied (904 grade) and installed, all the boarding out done and all plastering repaired and made good - for a typical 2 storey, 3 bedroom semi (about 9 meter liner)  would be
£1,200 to  £1,500  - then you purchase your own stove (be it £300 or £2,000?)  and we will install and register it. 

As I said every install is different but these are rough guides. A free survey and free quotes for every job is no problem.

Just call James Eastwood. I live near Forest Moor, Harrogate, so no problems what ever to come and look at works in and around Harogate.

Tel 01423 884079
I am always out and about so Mobile 07713152493  always best.


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