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Also all surrounding building works involved.


All solid fuel stoves are given a heat output rating - Usually between 2Kw Up to 10Kw for domestic houses.
The majority of stoves seen below are fitted in average size / type homes (3 bed semi type constructions) and are roughly between 4Kw and 5Kw sizes. 
This size is more than adequate for most houses of this size, and can still be controlled on the stove to operate at the low 2kw level and up to the high 5Kw level.
I personally have a 5Kw stove in my 3 bed semi with open plan living/dining/ rear extension, and WOW, it throws off enough heat to heat all that through and we often have to open the hall/ stairs door to allow some heat to escape upstairs.

A typical stove installation, natural stone hearth, the opening made to the original sized opening that most chimney breasts have. 4.9Kw rated stove. Oak beam fitted above, all plastering done and made good.

A stove fit in an older cottage style home, the customers wanted the original brickwork made good (including the arch), this is not always possible but there was the original brickwork present so looked really good when finished. A natural stone hearth fitted, all plastering made good.

A lovely fit in a home with a very modern feel to it. Natural stone hearth, all plastering made good.
Carpet in the room is fine as long as the stone hearth is the correct size and depth.

This is a stove fit in a larger style farm house. The stove is rated at the 7kw-8kw level and as can be seen is physically larger than the other pictures. The hearth is natural stone. The customers asked for the brickwork to be made good and all the plastering making good to expose the existing stone beam.

A typical stove installation will involve opening up the existing opening at the bottom of your chimney breast, either cleaning the brickwork or lining out with fire proof boards to be painted, a natural stone hearth fitting, the stove fitting, then all plastering made good.
What ever your ideas we can usually achieve what you require/want.
Just call James Eastwood
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Some more pics of other works below. We can really do what ever you want.
Any ideas you may have I will try my best to achieve , from Stone work to Brick  slips - walls ( really thin brick simply stuck to walls to look like bricks) to Tiles ( we have a big selection of Italian tiles that we can supply - different to most tile shops - from marble to wood effect, to arty styles) . we can bring all the selection to you to show you no problem. 

Double sided stove - so can be seen from both rooms. In this case a Kitchen  / living room.

Just waiting for the wooden beam on this one ( but few weeks away!) all tiles can be supplied by us and look WOW! 

All  Italian tiles can be supplied by us no problem. We have a big selection and can bring out to you to show you the options. ( wood effect, marble, arty style etc) 

I can do all re - claimed brick work -  what ever design you wish.

A more typical install in a 3 bed semi type house. All plastering done and left perfect to decorate.

A stove install at one of the Biggest hotels in Harrogate. 

What ever your thoughts or plans or ideas I can do. Just call and we can discuss all. 
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