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Every wood burning/ multi fuel stove is recommended to have the chimney swept once a year.
This is because the smoke that goes up the chimney leaves deposits of soot on the chimney sides, this also mixes with cobwebs, dust and anything else that will stick to the sides.
This soot will restrict the flow of smoke through the chimney, it also eats away at you chimney sides - if it is stainless steel lined it will significantly reduce the life of the liner, if its a traditional brick chimney it is eating away at the bricks and mortar if it is not regularly swept.
The build up of soot is a flammable material and can easily cause chimney fires.
Also a chimney sweep will remove any blockages such as birds nests that may occur in the chimney.
If the chimney is blocked this could result in the smoke entering the house containing deadly carbon monoxide.

This is the amount of soot that came down from a sweep, this is one season of burning (through the colder winter months)
This is flammable and could have caused a chimney fire. 
A chimney sweep  will come out to your home, place sheets over the fire opening and around the area, insert the chimney sweeping rods into the chimney and push the rods (usually the modern spinning rods with wire rope, a bit like a strimmer head) up through the chimney to the top. 
Vac up and remove all the soot that has fallen down.
This prevents the build up of too much soot, reduces the risk of fires, and increases the life of the liner or traditional chimney.
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