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Chimney lining

You may have heard about chimneys being lined with stainless steel liners.
This is because the original brick/stone construction of the chimney may have defects that may allow smoke to escape from the chimney and enter the house.
This is not acceptable at all under any circumstances as the smoke contains carbon monoxide that is deadly poison.
A simple smoke test involving lighting a smoke pellet at the bottom of the chimney then sealing the top of the chimney can reveal if smoke is escaping into the house, through walls, the chimney breast, the loft etc etc.
It is essential to line a chimney that may have any defects at all. Also most stoves have been designed to operate at there best with the uniform chimney liner in place. 
Above. A typical stainless steel chimney liner. This is inserted down the chimney and connected directly to your new stove.
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