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James Eastwood Stove Services offer an independent solid fuel / wood burning stove fitting service and all aspects of maintenance and chimney sweeping to the Harrogate (North Yorkshire) area. I.E. All HG Post codes. 

If you have or about to purchase a wood burning stove from either your local stove shop, ebay, online store, reconditioned outlet or purchase from a friend or private sale, we offer the service of preparing the opening, fitting of the hearth, boarding out the opening to make smooth or repairing the brick/stone work, the installation of the stove, the commissioning and paper work that is required.
Every solid fuel stove should have a BS (British standard) mark to show it is constructed to the required standards. 
Once the stove has been installed the HETAS registered/trained engineer then has to fill in the necessary paperwork and send to HETAS, they then inform the local authority of the solid fuel stove installation.
This is done to prove a competent HETAS qualified engineer has fitted the stove, so that it is correctly installed and safe basically, both in terms of not causing a risk of fire in the home, or poison from the smoke being present in the home (carbon monoxide).
This is also a requirement for the household insurance to be all correct and in order.
HETAS is the approved governing body for solid fuel installations.
I myself James Eastwood am a fully qualified and registered HETAS engineer.
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